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Guest Nonprofit Donations

To thank and honor the guests on Well, That Went Sideways! we make a contribution to an organization chosen by each guest. Below is a list of the organizations chosen with a clickable link to learn more about the organization.  Sideways Pod does not necessarily endorse any specific organization below, we are providing this list so that listeners can learn more about where guest contributions have been made.  

Chosen Organization
Amanda Aguilera
Right Use of Power Institute
Amanda Kemp
Theater for Transformation
Beth Yohe
The Conflict Center
Carleigh Sailon
Harm Reduction Action Center
Celeste Headlee
National Mill Dog Rescue
Chris Richardson
Harm Reduction Action Center
Elizabeth Franz
Colorado Dragon Boat Festival
Firdous Gangat
Sea Change Project
Jenny Medrano
Building Bridges
Ken Cloke
Black Lives Matter
Kristen Noble
Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
Kristen Wilson
Motus Theater
Loretta Ross
Sister Song
Lottie Lieb Doula
Denver Black Reparations Council
Micha Rosenoer
Emerge Colorado
Monica Lichtenberger
Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
Patti Agatston
International Bullying Prevention Association
Rabbi Black
Temple Emmanuel
Regina Smith
Right Use of Power Institute
Sarah Schulman
Palestine Legal
Steve Charbonneau
Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado
Terry Gale
Family Resource Center Association
Tony Shawcross
The Orient Land Trust
Vanessa Roberts
Project Voyce
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