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About This Podcast

In a context of historical and continuing trauma and injustice, is it possible to relate to people who are different from us? In the social media age, where public blaming and shaming have become the order of the day, can we find other ways to communicate while still advancing equity and social justice? What dynamics play out in what may consider to be just “everyday conflict” and how can we address them?


Building on 15 years of radio programs on conflict resolution, this project will draw on experience from a broad community of conflict experts, offering listeners tools and strategies to address the complex conflicts in society and in our lives. 



We envision a world where people are well equipped with the tools to engage with conflict in ways that recognize and uplift the humanity in all of us.  


We Work to Be…

  • Collaborative and restorative

  • Intentional about inclusion and focused on equity

  • Deep listeners

  • Open to differing viewpoints while remaining aware of how power impacts conflict

  • Innovative, forward-thinking and ever-curious



  1. Provide practical tools from a variety of perspectives to support people when they are in conflict.

  2. Support individuals in understanding conflict as it relates to supremacy, justice, and power. 

  3. Be a resource for people who are committed to the continued learning and growth necessary to build a more restorative world.

  4. Support people in building a level of comfort with conflict as an inevitable part of life, and transforming it from a destructive force into a tool for positive change.

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