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Coming July 1st!

Whether in our living rooms, workplaces, places of faith, schools, grocery stores, or social media feeds, conflict is everywhere, and most of us are terrible at it. But why wouldn’t we be? We rarely have the opportunity to observe people in productive conflict that ends with problems collaboratively solved with minimal harm done. Quite the opposite, in fact.

This reality has left us with some questions:

  • If conflict is an inevitable part of life, how do we want to deal with it?

  • Should we keep using the same old strategies, or could we do something better?

Our goal is simple. We want people to come out of a conflict thinking, “Well, now I feel better,” versus, “Well, that went sideways!”

In these podcasts, we’ll talk with experts who will give us techniques ​for managing, resolving, and transforming conflict in all of the ways it shows up in our lives.

Don't miss our first episode released on July 1st and watch for episode 2 to be released on July 15th!

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